Cryptocurrency: Investing, Trading and Mining in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins (Crypto Saiyan)

It’s not too late to invest in Cryptocurrencies!

In December 2017, one of the most talked about events was an out-of-this-world increase in the market price of Bitcoin, which quadrupled in just a week or two.  As a result, more and more people started to become aware of and curious about Bitcoins in particular and cryptocurrencies in general.  It even spawned a whole new army of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency “experts” in just a few days!  Clearly, cryptocurrencies in general have received a lot of attention – positive or otherwise – because of the surge in prices of Bitcoin and the massive boost in its popularity.

With the slew of information that has come out and continues to come out on cryptocurrencies, it’s not hard to be confused or mislead.  That’s why I wrote this book – I want to help you sift through the massive amounts of information out there on the web and separate fact from fiction, myth from truth and fantasy from reality.  Through this book, I know I can help you take the right kinds of massive action when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies primarily by arming you with enough information to make well-informed decisions.

In this book, you’ll get your hands on all the essential cryptocurrency information that you’ll need to get yourself ready to trade this new breed of financial assets.  In particular, you’ll be able to understand what cryptocurrencies really are, the most popular ones, the technology behind it, how it works, where to trade and store your cryptocurrency tokens safely, and basic principles for investing in cryptocurrencies.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be left behind! Grab a copy of this book now and be a cryptocurrency expert in no time!

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